Bill is a highly creative, driven, passionate and battle-tested entrepreneur as well as an experienced, early-stage executive that personifies the “think different” concept.

As a multi-domain pioneer Bill continues to connect the dots between broadband/mobile technologies and new/emerging media markets and has been instrumental on successfully delivering several telecom/mobile and media markets’ FIRSTS – including the first IP-integrated broadband trials in the US (Sourcecom); the industry’s first IP-integrated broadband wireless solution (WiMax/OFDM/4G) resulting in 13 fundamental patents (Malibu Networks); the very first high-end video delivery network specifically tailored for TV/Film production and collaboration (Niagara Broadband); the industry’s first successful conversion of payphones-to-(Wi-Fi) Hot Spots initiative and subsequent trials with Verizon (Sunspot Wireless) and most recently, Freestyle Soccer’s first global online competition – Copa Challenge (Copa Freestyle).

And as a veteran of emerging markets Bill is not the type to shy away from a challenge and enjoys the concept-to-company creation and evolution processes and has deep and profound understanding of the business transformations associated with the same. Equally comfortable with the creative as well as the business side Bill possesses a rare ability to bridge the gap between the two. As a strategist Bill’s insightful go-to-market initiatives have resulted in optimal industry positioning with high visibility and early customer acceptance. Bill is also a published author having written numerous articles on content delivery models, broadband wireless and personal technology. In addition, several of Bill’s early hires are now successful VCs/CEOs demonstrating Bill’s ability to recognize and cultivate top talent.