Leo Gestetner is Founder & CEO of Heath Capital which he set up as a US focused vehicle to create, acquire, actively manage and invest in brand driven companies.

Leo was a teenager when he set up his first company 25 years ago to serve the emerging personal computer market.

After graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, Leo launched an IT consulting company. Later he co-founded a successful internet shopping portal which was sold to Barclaycard. Leo and his brother then founded Brands etc as a vehicle to buy, sell and actively manage a group of brand-driven companies. Today, in addition to his role at Zenvoy, he is a partner in Heath Capital, a private equity firm, and is an advisor to Zecho, which provides supply chain services to small and medium-sized companies.

Leo has launched two new businesses since moving to the US. The first, Zenvoy, is an internet based platform for the electronic exchange of business cards. Leo saw a need in the market for a simple, technology-enabled way to exchange and access the contact information commonly found on business cards and launched Zenvoy to fill this need.

The second business that Leo has launched – Zecho – focuses on improving supply chain to small and medium sized corporates throughout the USA. Zecho provides consolidated group purchasing within the USA and a separate division providing product manufacturing and supply chain management through Asia.

Leo Gestetner lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two young children. He was born in London, UK and lived there until his move to the US. Leo enjoys spending time with his family, hiking and running half marathons.