Stewart Padveen is the founder and CEO of Otozip, an appointment-booking andbusiness management platform for the automotive service industry. Stewart previously founded MotionPoint, a leading globalization technology and Inc.500 fastest growing company 4 years in a row, serving the globalization needs of many Fortune 1000 companies. Stewart also founded Nutrio, aleading health content syndicator delivering subscription-based services to many of the world’s top pharmaceutical and medical insurance companies (acquired in 2006). Stewart founded his first Internet company, HotOffice, in 1995. HotOffice was an early B2B service provider for hosted file storage, email, contact and calendar management (acquired in 2001).

Stewart started his technology career when he was 14, building robots out of discarded incubators, while doing volunteer work at the biotechnology lab at a local hospital. He then started writing software and custom-building computers, which he sold to local businesses and college students. Stewart subsequently developed business management and accounting software and sold that company when he was 24. He then started another company that provided software for the financial industry and sold that company. In 1995, Stewart started his first Internet company, HotOffice, which was acquired in 2001. Stewart graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada with a degree
in Economics.