Mentor Night is a unique type of event. We meet in small, moderated groups in a private setting where Startup Founders discuss key issues they are facing. Each evening has a specific theme and 2 or 3 Mentors who have a lot of experience with that theme.  It might be something around Marketing, Product Direction, Key Early Hires, Partnership/Biz Dev, Family Issues, etc.   Mentors and Members provide related experience, thoughts, feedback and advice to the Startup Founders.  This is a high energy and high value exchange, and everyone walks away having learned from each other.

For 2016, in February we are going to kick off the year with a discussion of Objectives.  In November, we will have a capstone when we will meet with VCs.  The themes for other meetings are going to emerge from the kick off event in February.

We are excited for another great year at Mentor Night.